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Here's a compilation of comments made by satisfied customers!



The order is awesome THANK YOU

- Rhiannon T. / Jan. 19 2018


I bought this product just before Christmas and it arrived safely, good quality and just as shown in the image

- Stacy J. / Jan. 17 2018


This website has good ratings we should order some of these jars they are amazing.

- Megan K. / Jan. 15 2018


Got it!!! Super cool

- Jaimie S. / Jan. 6 2018


I did the millennium falcon for Christmas very cool!

- Jon J. / Jan. 5 2018


I got the unicorn slippers for Christmas!!!
And a t-shirt and a scarf/beanie/gloves combo thingy
It's awesome

- Lucia G. / Jan. 5 2018


I have had the millenium falcon one for a little over a year and recently a few of the colors went out so it only does blue, green and teal. Still...love it and would purchase another one when this one completely quits.

- Tenisha F. / Jan. 3 2018


I've bought from this group several times. Always quick shipping and good products

- Katie B. / Jan. 3 2018


Already got half of them :D they're great kits !

- Nick M. / Jan. 3 2018


This place has a lot of cool stuff on their site. :)

- Beverly T. / Jan. 1 2018


These are awesome! I made R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon in about 6 hours...cut myself a couple of times but the results are well worth the blood, sweat and (almost) tears ? I'll definitely buy more!

- Sammi H. / Dec. 30 2017


Bought these for the men at Christmas they love them.

- Nikki S. / Dec. 29 2017


I got two for a Xmas present for my husband and they're fab, the cable is very short but I've replaced with longer cables of my own. There are about 24 different colours to choose for static or 4 different effects to alternate between the colours. The positive and negative buttons apply to the intensity of the light and the speed of the light changing when used with the light effects.

- Saima N. / Dec. 28 2017


Love mine!

- Kristine G. / Dec. 28 2017


 I have one of these and got one for my partner and they are awesome! ???

- Jessica Lee. / Dec. 28 2017


This fabric DOES look sturdier than post

- Tricia R. / Dec. 24 2017


Mine arrived this morning - love them!

- Janice B. / Dec. 22 2017


Thank you! I greatly appreciate your efforts

- Christen H. / Dec. 14 2017


Bought this for my hubby nd we it all the time love it

- Daphne V. / Dec. 5 2017


I bought one of these it's really tidy looking. Really good quality

- Deborah W. / Dec. 5 2017


I was delighted with the music brooch you sent. Just what I have wanted for a very long time and couldn't find. Thank you very much.

- Rene R. / Dec. 5 2017


Y'all are very kind!!!! THANK YOU

- Magan M. / Dec. 2 2017


Thank you so much for your help with correcting my error and exchanging the option for me so quickly! I appreciate your help and look forward to receiving the package and then giving the item as a gift and I will definitely be shopping on your website again as well as spreading the word about the site. ?

- Charlotte F. / Nov. 30 2017


Appreciate it! Nothing but class! Will spread the word, thanks a bunch have a great day!

- Leon B. / Nov. 30 2017


Thanks, Helen, nice doing business with you!

- Bob L. / Nov. 30 2017


I received my package thank u very much , it is a Christmas present so I really hope she likes it , I think she will . thank u very much for the fast response I will definitely recommend your website to people .

- Tina B. / Nov. 27 2017


So my backseat caddy arrived and it's fantastic . I have a teeny tiny mirage and a very tall daughter. She can reach everything easily, it sits flush and secure against the passenger seat, the straps don't annoy passengers (though I hardly have anyone else in the front with me), it's awesome. Love it!!!
Oh and to the comments about how bad it is advertising ipads and stuff, obviously common sense would tell you not to leave those items in the car when you all get out, or hide those in the glove box if you need to leave them in unattended.
And to the commenter who said cans of drink would leak, well of course they would. Obviously don't put a can of drink in the drink holder...but also, kids shouldn't be drinking cans of sugary soft drinks or juices.
However the bottle of water my daughter keeps in hers sits nicely and with a lid doesn't leak.
Excellent product. Very happy, thanks #geekyget

- Shannon P. / Nov. 23 2017


Haha I was thinking like, "WOW has it been that long?" LOL
Thank you! It will probably arrive next week! :)
Thank you for looking into this for me! What great customer service! :) <3

- Sadie V. / Nov. 20 2017


Thank you so much, I love my new credit card knife its cooler then I imagined

- Gregory M. / Nov. 18 2017


Thanks for your prompt response and excellent customer service. I will be more than happy to give a glowing review when I have received the replacement.

- Antony F. / Nov. 8 2017


My brother loved his tankard, thank you

- Theresa L. / Nov. 8 2017


Very pleased with my items!!

- Jeanna T. / Oct. 30 2017


Très bien, conforme à la description. Merci :)

- Adrien S. / Oct. 29 2017


I love it! Thank you!!

- Alex M. / Oct. 27 2017


Got the order thank you so much!! Loved it!

- Holly R. / Oct. 26 2017


Ahoy! ⚓ totally loved my death star light fab service thanks me mateys!

- Karen H. / Oct. 26 2017


I have received my order. I am very pleased with it. A little smaller than I thought it was but that is ok. Thank you very much

- Tina W. / Oct. 24 2017


Thank you so much for that! Very quick and very helpful! I have received my confirmation email.

- Catherine F. / Oct. 21 2017


Yes I got my order.   It was for my daughter in law, and she just loved it.

- Cheryl P. / Oct. 17 2017


Mirror was the perfect size and in perfect condition.

- Lonnie W. / Oct. 15 2017


It was cute and nice for the price. I thought that the paw would move based on the description but again, great for the price!

- Lauren M. / Oct. 14 2017


Hello! The parcel gods must have known, it arrived this morning, thank you for looking into the shipment.

A happy Geekyget customer :-)

- Dani S. / Oct. 13 2017


It is a beautiful lamp and a perfect present. The support team was super nice and helpful. Great job guys :) The lamp is smaller than we expected and therefore a little pricy but it will bring a smile to every Star-Wars-Fan's face. Guaranteed!

- Charice / Oct. 11 2017


Came in a timely manner and is beautiful! It is smaller than I thought, but I should have read the measurements when I bought it. Sometimes when it changes colors it looks 3D. Would buy again. :)

- Genny H. / Oct. 11 2016


Really functional and nice on the wallet. Strap was too short to go all the way around, but the bottom hooks held everything in place. Thanks
- Jane S. / Oct. 1 2016


Your customer service is EXCELLENT!!
- Lauran V. / Oct. 1 2016


Thank you for resolving this issue completely to my satisfaction. I will definitely take a look at other items on your site and try again with something else.
- Sarah E. / Sep. 29 2016


Hi. All the info is correct. You guys fantastic. Thank so very very much. 
- Doreen D. / Sep. 29 2016


I absolutely love everything I've received. My mum liked the Nessie ladles so much that I got a second set for her! Thank you so much for providing such amazing products. Definitely a repeat buyer right here!
- Christine L. / Sep. 26 2016


I ordered a toilet led light and my granddaughter loves it!  It came within two weeks of ordering and it works great!  I will be sure to check out your website now.

- Janice G. / Sep. 22 2016

Awesome, thank you so much.i cant wait to have them in my car 

- Jas E. / Sep. 19 2016

Have been working on my first paint your own dinosaur. it's really cool ?

- Ryan C. / Sep. 15 2016

I recieved my lamp in perfect condition! I love all the different colors and functions the remote control does for the "Millennium Falcon" lamp. It is awesome!
Thank You!

- George H. / Sep. 14 2016

I received my order containing three items. The Bookends and the Ice Mold are both perfect and I am happy with. The last item is Captain America Shield Rug which arrived covered in dirt covering about 30 percent of the white ring of the rug and is unusable. What are my options as I can not use the rug in its current state. I would happily take a refund or use a credit to select other items.

- Henry R. / Sep. 14 2016

Love the BB-8 lamp! Got it for my daughter and now I want one for myself! Must have for any Star Wars fan!

- Suzy C. / Sep. 13 2016

I did receive everything. We love it all. Thanks for checking 

- Katherine K. / Sep. 12 2016

Aloha hello my order was great, I'm loving these new additions to my kitchen.
Mahalo thanks

- Mary S. / Sep. 12 2016

It arrived on time and works fine. But the remote control didn't seem to work. Having looked at it, the control pad is on the wrong way round. Having peeled it off and turned it around, it works perfectly now.

- Lee H. / Sep. 5 2016

That's excellent customer service. Thank you for your swift response. 

- Rabia R. / Sep. 2 2016

I was unaware there was a thin protective film on the item. I found it and after removal, the item is now more along the lines of what I was originally anticipating. I'm much more satisfied now. Thank you for all your assistance and follow up. Greatly appreciate it. 

- Sam S. / Sep. 1 2016

The product is as advertised and will provide some fun times. It came very quickly and was well packed. Thank you.
Carol M. / August 31 2016

OMG, I love it. Everyone loves it. So cute.
- Magaret G. / August 30 2016

I am delighted to receive a good mirror today and very appreciate your fast response.
- Ho Chi L. / August 29 2016

Really pretty and well made!
- Christina J. / August 28 2016

Thank you very much for the refund. I greatly appreciate the quick responses and the refund. I will definitely shop again back in store. Of course that makes sense of the packaging.
Customs must have went through the packages. Two of the items were definitely opened up and the packaging was torn.
Thank you very much for your help and refund. 
- Daniela P. / August 26 2016

Love it! It's a very unique piece! The purchasing process was great as well. Good communication and fast shipping. 
- Gisele G. / August 25 2016


They were a great gift!!!
- Paul A. / August 23 2016


Good quality & nice! very similar to how it's advertised.
- SI YI A. / August 21 2016


Pretty cool, friend loved the gift, would be nice if it had a rechargeable battery so you wouldn't have to keep it plugged in, other than that, it's great!
- Alexander F. / August 17 2016


Way cool items! Will be great for our chilly Christmas party floating in the punch bowl! Items arrived on time and perfectly packed.
- Jacelle Z. / August 17 2016


Loved them!
- Hannah D. / August 15 2016


This bag is extremely cute! It's a great statement accessory.
- Jessica N. / August 9 2016


The package arrived intact.
The rest of the contents are in perfect condition, and I love them all.
Thank you so much for the super fast response, and for the time taken with the extra gift, that is really really nice, wasn't expecting that !
I will be back for more :)
- Amanda W. / August 8 2016


It shipped on time and the fabric is really soft and comfortable. It dries really quickly and of course it's adorable!
- Ashley P. / August 5 2016


Veramente molto bello. Piano piano mi farò tutta la serie.
- Roberto R. / August 2 2016


It's a very nice substitute for my large cap backpack. Very friendly shop, great quality bag. Just the right size for phone, wallet, keys, headphones, without being stuffed. Chain clasp was a bit bent on arrival but easily fixed by hand :)
- Sophia O. / August 2 2016


Love it! and i absolutely adore how soft it is! Super fast shipping amd seller is great to liaise with.
- Sarina N. / August 1 2016


Thank you! I like the light. Perfect little night light. Thanks for your fast response on this matter.
- Lisa E. / July 29 2016


Item looks very cool and the remote comes with many different color/light show options. Great buy!
- Zachary B. / July 27 2016


A quick efficient service. Good communication. Item as described.
Katherine O. / July 24 2016


The earring were great but the battery didn't last very long. I had so many ask where I got them because they love them.
- Michelle S. / July 21 2016


I thought this looked cool but it was SO much better than I'd hoped! Loads of colour options, dimmer and scrolling/strobing colour changes. It was bought for my husband but instantly adopted by my son!
- Natalie D. / July 19 2016


I love the order.  Thank you
- Tricia D. / July 17 2016


Hi I wanted to update that I received bb8 and my kid loved it. The delivery was so fast. It was great.
Is there a way to create a new one in the pattern of r2d2? Would be grateful!
- Michael K. / July 9 2016


It's been received and we are very happy with the product! It was an excellent Father's Day gift and we will be purchasing from your site again in the future! :) 
- Megan C. / July 9 2016


Thank you so much even though I had issues initially. How you have dealt with it superseded any difficulty. Thank you!
Shannon D. / July 7 2016


Thank you so much for the advise - the earrings arrived and they are just wonderful. Really appreciate your help and support, many thanks!
- Slagana Z. / July 6 2016


Yes I received the new base and the light works perfectly now! Thanks so much!!
- Chrissy A. / July 3 2016


I had purchased a New Disco Star Wars 3D Deco Lamp - AT-AT, for my grandson, and he loves it.
Marlene G. / July 2 2016


The Star Wars 3D Deco Lamp has a lovely wooden stand, comes with remote for controlling the light show, solid construction, no USB plug however.
- Mathew M. / June 29 2016


Thank you so much. I received the replacement batman logo mirror. Thank u for sending another one.  And thank u for the extra gift!
- Amanda E. / June 23 2016


It's perfect.
Anupama M. / June 21 2016


Purchased for friends who love star wars and the twins carry it to different rooms, so we got them another.
Eric C. / June 21 2016


Thank you so much for the fast response, I love this web site and the amazing people that run it. I have just entered via Instagram with a pic of my daughter. She loves the jar and wants more too :) thanks again
- Trina S. / June 20 2016


Thank you very much. I appreciate your good service 
- Martin B. / June 15 2016


The lamp arrived in excellent time and perfect condition, just as described, and very good quality. Intended as a birthday gift but I kinda want to keep it for myself now.
- Ellie P. / June 8 2016


Oh my god, I’ve had another look at the lamp and it has a plain setting in addition to other colour settings. It’s even better than I expected. Everything is perfect!! 
- Ellie P. / June 8 2016


Great stuff, wasn't expecting such a speedy response! Very happy! Thanks for sorting! 
- Amanda W. / June 7 2016


Aaaarrrrwwww thank you so much, my boys will be very happy now. 
And thank you for the further discount code. I will definitely order some other things.
Thanks again.
- Camila B. / June 5 2016


No issues! I just had to let you know how very pleased I am writing my unicorn earrings!! They're awesome! Thank you for the coupon, also! I wasn't expecting the cute little tin box they arrived in.... what a nice little, cute surprise. I'll be using my coupon very soon, and all of my friends wanted to know where I got the earrings. Spreading three words for you guys!
- Michelle S. / June 5 2016


Great products. Ice cubes are very cool and the falcon metal model was fun to build and challenging. The pillow cases are very cool. 
Thank you geekyget for the products. Will buy again
- David R. / June 3 2016


Hello, I received the package, and I opened it, and I was EXTREMELY excited! -way more excited for a rug than I 24 year-old male should be.
I put it in the man cave, and there it shall be.
That evening when my girlfriend came home, she came in to yell at me, stepping on the rug with her bare feet. Immediately she forgot what she was going to bxtch about, and just stood there, stepping on it and smiling. 
The rug is magical. She simply forgot what she was going to complain about, and she just stood there, IN SILENCE. -You have no idea how hard it is to get this woman to be quiet. 
So hey, she liked it. I love it. --Thank you Cap'n Geeky!
P.S. If you ever sell captain america metal shields, let me know. That'd be awesome. I'd love to do business with you guys again someday, seeing as to how you turned me from extremely disappointed, to extremely happy.
- Tony P. / June 2 2016


Hello geekyget
I found my order at the local post office had to pick it up as a parcel.
Thx for the concern, very happy with your product and very pleased with the great service!!

- Dustin B. / June 2 2016


I love it! It's beautiful and a perfect gift! My only issue was that I thought it would be bigger, nonetheless, it is very well done and looks exactly like the picture. Excellent service and quick shipping too. Heads up: buy a usb-wall plug so you can plug it in your walls as it is not included.
- Keysha P. / June 1 2016


Just got my shipment and posted! Items received were awesome! Mahalo!

- Andrew S. / June 1 2016


Payment Completed..Thanx for your good services!!

- Sébastien D. / June 1 2016


I recently purchased the crystal growing kit and I love it. My kids are amazed and I'm blown away at its beauty. Thanks for such a great product:) five stars :)

- Trina S. / May 29 2016


This Star Wars 3D Deco Lamp was even better than I thought it would be. It is a great size, and gives off a lot of light, perfect for a night-light in a kid's room. It is made of high quality materials, and it looks like it will last a long time. I would recommend this product to others.

- Stacey L. / May 27 2016


Oh wow! Thank you so much :) I really appreciate how much you guys care! Will definitely be shopping with you again!

- Kim W. / May 26 2016


Quick shipping and very good people working there. The light is great!

- Casadesus A. / May 23 2016


Gift for a friend, really loved it, thanked me for it numerous times.

- Brittany J. / May 23 2016


Wow! This is really unexpected!
Tell The Cap'n I said thanks! And I'll send you a pic of it in the man cave when I receive it.Thank you!

- Tony P. / May 22 2016


Thanks for the quick response. You guys rock 

- Tate Astill. / May 20 2016


Very nice and very comfortable. I love it

- Julien G. / May 18 2016


He's going to love it! It's awesome!

- Nicole B. / May 18 2016


Thank u very much! 
You guys have great customer service.

- Krysti P. / May 18 2016

Great news – the mug arrived today! I am super happy. All in good condition. 
Thanks for the assistance and ease of communication! Definitely will order from Geeky Get Again! :)
- Shannon S. / May 18 2016

I appreciate your quick answering, no stress..I know i'm in good hands!! 
- Sébastien D. / May 15 2016

Got it thanks! Love them!
- Annie M. / May 15 2016


I apologise for being so short it's just a frustrating situation. Thank you for your help. 
- Georgia A. / May 13 2016

Just received my treasures. Thank you so much. They are perfect.

- Coleena F. / May 13 2016

thank you very much :)
I will shop with you again!

- Leonie T. / May 13 2016

Thank you so very much for this you have been really helpful and I will be using you guys again and will be recommending you to my friends. Thank you again and have a lovely day
- Becky B. / May 3 2016

This is a birthday present for my daughter, it arrived fast & great. Thank you so much!
- Cheryl M. / May 1 2016

Hi, My package arrived yesterday! Thank you very much for looking in to the delivery and I love the product!!

- Sherene J. / April 27 2016

Thanks a bunch! I have placed my order, I really appreciate your help today. A+ customer service 
- Terrié S. / April 21 2016

I'm happy with my order, but was disappointed to have to pay customs charges to get my order from the delivery service. 
- Moray M. / April 21 2016

Good evening, I'm happy to let you know I received my lamp today.
- Richard M. / April 21 2016

Thank you for responding so quickly.
My package did actually arrive yesterday. It was there when I checked the mail this morning! :)
Thank you for everything!
- Adele A. / April 21 2016

Treasure is lovely and I got it quicker than I expected! I just need a shorter chain for the charm and then I can wear it :) just sad I didn't make the decision to buy the moon-TARDIS necklace while it was still in stock! :(
- Taylor C. / April 20 2016

The Mermaid Tail Blankets are fantastic! They are awesome quality and so warm!
The shop was great to deal with, very responsive to messages and the items came much earlier than expected! Thanks!
Erin P. / April 13 2016

My order looks great!!! I'm very happy with the product! It just got here yesterday.
Desiree M. / April 9 2016

Hello there, I received the new set of the LED Gemstone Earrings - Heart/ one size/ Multi. I picked them up at the post office yesterday. I just opened them today. Ty for believe my honesty about the 1st order, and I go to zumba, and hip hop classes. I will be sure to get you more orders, from the ladies there. I appreciate it, and I love them. Great invention!!! Also it was nice doing business with your company :) More to follow I'm sure of it! Ty again
- Jennifer G. / April 7 2016

I received the order and, for the most part, have been very happy! However, the Mermaid Tail Blanket is a problem. I can't use it.  :-( May I return it? 
- Diana S. / April 6 2016

My husband gave this to me for Valentine's Day just before he left for his deployment. He told me, "As the crystals grew, I'll be missing you." It was so cheesy and amazing. Every time I look at it I am reminded that he misses me just as much as I miss him. I just wanted to say thank you
- Chelsea M. / March 29 2016

Thank you so much!
- Amanda M. / March 29 2016

Thank you so much for my recent order for my skull teaspoons. They are lovely.
- Suzanne D. / March 18 2016

Thank you. Im very excited for its arrival. It is a late surprise birthday gift For my husband. I can't wait to see his reaction. Thank you again.
- Kayla R. / Mar 14 2016

Excellent range of geeky products, good prices, service and delivery, would recommend and will be keeping check of new items! Many thanks!
- Julie B. / Mar 5 2016

Thank you so much, they look awesome. We received them yesterday. My partner can not wait to use them!

- Aaron S. / Feb 25 2016

You are so sweet!
You are truly a great company and you are very kind and thoughtful. 
Thank you again. 

- Sonia S. / Feb 24 2016

I LOVE the ladles. :)
- Ashley P. / Feb 23 2016

There is nothing wrong with the gingerbread man cord winder or the sprout pencils; I am pleased with them. Thank you!
- Pimwalee K. / Feb 21 2016

The products are cute and creative.
- Jacqueline B. / Feb 10 2016

Hello! I'm Out of town now. But was able too have the package picked up. I can't wait to open it when I get back.
- Marie V. / Feb 9 2016

Thanks very much for this - very happy with the customer service you have provided
- Melinda K. / Feb 5 2016

Thanks so much! I already placed the new order! Your great & prompt service will bring me back as a customer again!
- Sherri F. / Feb 3 2016

The lamp arrived and I love it!
- Laura S. / Feb 1 2016

Thank you for the beautiful lamp. I will be purchasing more from you.
- Justin K. / Jan 30 2016

I have received my items and enjoyed them. 
- Daphne S. / Jan 30 2016

Hello!! Package received. My son is very happy. Took the bag to school today.
- Gulma  / Jan 26 2016

Hi, just letting you know. I am very pleased with my order.
Have kept for birthdays during the year.
They will be much loved.
Thank you again
- Kerry R. / Jan 19 2016

Thanks, definitely!! Can't wait to shop with you again 

Venomous V. / Jan 18 2016

Thank you! :) One happy customer here so far as this is the second order I have placed with you! I am so impressed with your customer service. WOW! 
- Sandra B. / Jan 18 2016

Thank you so much for your quick response. Once again, thank you. Great customer class service.  
- Claire / Jan 7th 2016 


We received the package yesterday. We love the product. Thank you.
- Angela L. / Dec 30 2015

Thank you so much! And a non-offensive holiday salutation to you as well! This has been the best customer service experience I've ever had. Keep doing what you're doing. 
- John / Dec 27 2015

Everything's awesome! My parents loved the aprons.
Thank you very much. you guys rock!
- DANIEL E. / Nov. 4 2015

I have to say that this is really amazing.  A company that actually cares and that wants to make a problem right!  Wow!  Thank you for this.  Great customer service!
- Liza G. / Nov. 4 2015

Wow thanks! Best customer service I've ever received. 
- Joanna D. / Oct 21 2015

Thank you so much! That is a great surprise!!!
Keep on having great customer service! :)
- Tanja V. / Oct 12 2015

Wow! Thank you for the excellent customer service! 
- Tabby C. / Oct 8 2015

LOVE the products! Will definitely shop again!

 - Christy M. / Sep 9 2015

Glad that I found this site! I love everything here! Can't wait to shop here again! 
- Howard A. / Sep 2 2015

That is wonderful news!! Such great customer service; I will be sure to share this experience with my friends. Thank you so much!! I look forward to shopping with you again! 
- E.Emerick / July 3 2015 

Excellent service! Wish all online shops were this high-standard.
- Allan L. / June 1 2015

The Jedi Bath Robe is very soft, and comfy. Great price as well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
- Zachary A. / May 27 2015

Thanks! Received the products and love it. Will definitely purchase from you again.
- Rachel B. /  Apr 15 2015

We have received the shipment and are GREATLY appreciative of your wonderful services and attention to this order.

Here's to having a wonderful life.
- Lizbeth A. / Feb 27 2015

Item superb! Outstanding service.
- James W. / Jan 12 2015


Best online shopping experience I've ever had! Thanks!
- Amy F. / Dec 26 2014

Fan of your products! 
- S.M Davis / Nov 20 2014